Essential Oils for Emotional support

Aromatherapy for emotional support

For every woman, experiences of day to day life are very different, at same time unique to them as their fingerprints. Some of us sail through major bumps while others grapple with unpredictable symptoms. This often leads to negative thoughts that impact the life and well being of woman as well as of her family….

essential oils for healthy over 40 women

How to be Happy an Healthy Over 40 Using Essential Oils

40s are tough for every woman. I mean, on one hand, your body is changing. Then your kids are now teenagers who require constant attention and energy. Above all, work is more demanding. Don’t you sometimes feel that 24 hours are too less for a day? Let me tell you a trick to do all…

scent marketing with essential oils

Building strong brands with Scent Marketing

Do you ever smell a certain peculiar and family scent and suddenly remember a incident or area from your childhood which you forgot about? Our sense of smell has power to triggers deep held memories and emotions. Therefore, it is no wonder that businesses across world incorporate scent marketing as integral part of brand image….

natural remedies for winter children

Prepare for Winters: Natural remedies for Cold

Winter season is a delight for a child with so many options to eat and shorter classes. Especially eating roasted peanuts while sitting in a blanket with family. However, change in weather also brings common cold and cough along with it. Even though our mothers are always taking precautions with clothes and hot beverages, times…

essential oil for hair

Best essential oil for hair!

Do you ever wonder which is the best essential oil for hair care? Every girl and boy wants good lustrous hair with faster hair growth. Moreover, I am pretty sure no one wants to lose their hair. However there are so many reasons which can not be ignored leading to weakening of hair, premature graying…

Vetiver Essential Oil

What is Vetiver Essential Oil? Vetiver Essential Oil extracts through steam distillation of vetiver plant roots. It is a perennial grass and belongs to grass family (Poaceae family). Moreover, vetiver plant grows up to 1.5 meters. Hence, it has tall stems with thin, rigid and long leaves. The plant has brownish-purple flowers. Vetiver Oil has…