scent marketing with essential oils

Building strong brands with Scent Marketing

Do you ever smell a certain peculiar and family scent and suddenly remember an incident or area from your childhood which you forgot about? Our sense of smell has the power to triggers deep held memories and emotions. Therefore, it is no wonder that businesses across the world incorporate scent marketing as an integral part of brand image. We will discuss more with scent marketing examples.

What is Scent Marketing?

Every product or service has certain sensory attributes which can actually be felt and perceived. Our five senses which are sight, taste, sound, touch and smell creates an emotional response to them. As a marketer, they try to invoke strong and positive emotions from these sensory attributes.

Scent marketing is strategy and planning to induce positive and associative perception around a brand using the sense of smell. Like in a movie theatre, you tend to have an aroma of fresh popcorn, even when they also sell pizza, burger etc. But customer considers movie experience associated with popcorn. Therefore, to create an atmosphere of familiarity and comfort you will always smell fresh popcorn in a movie theatre.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that a properly done scent marketing can drastically increase intent to purchase in customers. Probably, this is because our sense of smell is most closely related to our memory. As a result, a smell can trigger a happy memory more quickly than any other sense like taste or touch.

A research study: Key points

  • Ambient scents should match product or services in store
  • Poorly done scent selection can turn away customers
  • Gender plays a role in scents as ‘feminine’ scent is more suitable in a female accessory store.
  • Big stores can incorporate different scents depending on the product
  • Right context matters a lot like festivals and seasons

How to use essential oils with Scent marketing examples:

Start with ambient scent

You can use essential oils with base notes to create a subconscious perception and long lasting effect. The soothing aroma of Cedarwood oil can improve quality perception. However, the placement of such aromas is very important so that consumer can feel them as soon as they enter.

Choose scent which matches your product or service

The scent must be in sync with store offering. Rose aroma is very attractive, however, in a man’s salon, it can also have an adverse effect of perception. So when you are choosing your brand scent, do go with the one which comes naturally with your product or service.

Finally, tools for employing scent marketing

While there are many high-quality solutions for employing artificial scents and aromas, the cost is also an important factor. Basic electric diffusers with pure essential oils are a very cost-effective way to employ scent marketing in your store.

So that’s from our side. You can check our blog on effect of aroma in health center.

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