Peppermint Essential Oil


15 ML Glass Bottle

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Peppermint essential oil is the essence of delicious Mentha Piperita plant. Ayurveda mentions it for its excellent properties to improve the digestive system and fight blocked respiratory system. Moreover, it is excellent for hair as it nourishes the oily and full scalp. Our oil is procured from organic farms in South India.

Its strong minty aroma creates an environment of energy and freshness all around. Therefore, it is very popular to simulate self-confidence and creativity by encouraging focus. It is one of the most popular essential oil.

Important facts:

Botanical Name Mentha Piperita
Origin India
Extraction Method Steam Distillation
Aroma Strong, Fresh, Minty
Parts Used Aerial leaves

Health benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil:

  • Helps in breathing
  • Relax muscles and body
  • Gives comfort to the stomach
  • Simulating mental activity

How to use Peppermint Essential Oil:

  • You can use it in the diffuser to spread freshness and relaxation
  • With carrier oil to massage tired muscles
  • Use as an inhaler with other essential oils


  • During pregnancy, consult your physician before using it.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.


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