essential oils for hand sanitizers

A recent research article in 2020, shows that adding orange peel essential oil makes sanitizer more favorable to over 77% of users. WHO or any other organization recommends 60-70% alcohol for any sanitizer. So these will be key ingredients in any hand sanitizer recipe. You can also try with non-alcoholic sanitizers, which contains ammonium compounds.

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tea tree essential oil by droplet

What is Tea Tree Essential Oil? This wonderful oil derives from the distillation process of the leaves of tea tree ( scientifically known as Melaleuca Alternifolia). However, you should not confuse this with other tea plants (black tea, oolong, and green tea). These plants are native to New South Wales, Australia, and Queensland. The tea

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frankincense oil in hinduism

Incense has a special status in spirituality and religion across the world. The first mention of Frankincense oil in Hinduism goes back to Egyptian traders, who exchanged it for spices. Since then, it has been an integral part of Indian culture and spirituality. Frankincense is an important Ayurvedic herb with great healing properties. It serves

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Turmeric essential oil or powder

Everyone knows about the health benefits of Turmeric. In fact, there are companies who specialize and offer health products based on turmeric alone. So, how do we incorporate Turmeric in our life? Should use turmeric essential oil or powder? Well, there is no fixed answer. You need to judge and decide on basis of your

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Essential Oils for Emotional support

Everyone needs emotional support from self-belief and friends. For every woman, experiences of day to day life are very different, at the same time unique to them as their fingerprints. Some of us sail through major bumps while others grapple with unpredictable symptoms. This often leads to negative thoughts that impact the life and well

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essential oils for healthy over 40 women

40s are tough for every woman. I mean, on one hand, your body is changing. Then your kids are now teenagers who require constant attention and energy. Above all, work is more demanding. Don’t you sometimes feel that 24 hours are too less for a day? Let me tell you a trick to do all

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