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5 Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil for Skin

Turmeric Essential Oil is an extract of the turmeric plants. Turmeric is a well renowned Ayurveda medicinal herb for over 4000 years, which is gaining popularity in modern times due to its health benefits. You will have many benefits of Turmeric essential oil for skin health with regular use. It is also a popular culinary spice in the Indian subcontinent. Because of these reasons, it has a significant position in cultural rituals like marriages in India. It has several applications in aromatherapy and beauty care. This golden spice has successfully transitioned from traditional medicine to modern medicine.

turmeric essential oil benefits skin health
Turmeric (Haldi) in Hindu Wedding

Benefits and uses of turmeric are well summarized in an article published in 2011 with the title “Turmeric, the Golden Spice“. It reviews studies done over 25 years to conclude that it has several health benefits achieved by consumption in the diet. Moreover, it has properties like antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, etc. Traditionally, it is known to have skin benefits like fighting acne, reducing inflammation, and improving skin texture. To date, there are no studies in animal or human which show any toxic or harmful effect of turmeric. That’s why FDA has declared it as ‘generally regarded as safe’.

Turmeric is a bright yellowish color root spice with a fresh and spicy aroma. Among its active components, curcumin is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The essential oil from Turmeric is much more concentrated than its powder form. Even though it is beneficial in any form, oil does hold several advantages over turmeric powder. It has a strong spicy aroma with a dark yellowish color. If you will put a drop of turmeric essential oil on a white paper sheet, it will leave a mark, unlike many other volatile oils that leave no mark behind.

You will find many articles and blogs on the benefits of turmeric in powder form. However, I am sharing with you the top 5 benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil for skin. Do note that I am not discrediting turmeric powder. However, I wish to emphasis the advantages of oil in certain applications, especially for skincare.

Benefits of Turmeric Essential Oil For Skin are:

Heals and stops acne growth

It is almost an open secret now that Curcumin, an active component of turmeric, can heal and stop the growth of acne. It has strong antimicrobial activity that fights bacterial infection. Without any side effects like other acne medicine, turmeric essential oil is an ideal medicine due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Acts as anti-aging for skin

turmeric acts as anti aging

We are exposed to sun radiation, pollution and stress every day. This causes the release of free radicals like reactive oxygen species (ROS) in our skin, which causes damage and skin aging. Turmeric essential oil has anti-oxidant properties that quench free radical activity and improves skin health. Researchers are trying to find derivatives of curcumin which might be more effective. However, in natural products, this oil provides excellent results on regular topical use.

Lightens skin & slows growth of body hair

A study published in 2017 about Essential Oil of a plant from the Curcuma family, concluded that it slows body hair growth and lightens skin in axillae. Many of us struggle with dark spots and unwanted hair in our armpit region. Applying this essential oil in a diluted form regularly will reduce hair growth and even lighten the skin tone.

Treat sun burn

Solar radiation has several harmful reactions in human skin. Severe sunburn can cause peeling and blister. Even mild sunburn can lead to itching and irritation in the skin. Studies have shown that compounds present in turmeric have photo-protective activity. Massaging with turmeric essential oil in the diluted form before stepping out in sun may reduce sunburn. Further its antiseptic and healing properties soothe irritation caused by UV radiation.

Psoriasis and Blemishes Treatment

Psoriasis causes itchy or sore patches of thick red skin. Supportive studies done over 8 weeks show that regular application of turmeric on psoriasis resulted either in resolution or reduction of psoriasis. Curcumin has excellent keratinocyte proliferation property, thus it is beneficial in treating psoriasis. It is also very effective against blemishes and other skin problems.


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