Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential oil is the extract of the distillation process of lavender flower. After boiling of lavender leaves in water, lavender oil is obtained by separating it from the water. 

Lavender Essential oil has powerful versatile properties such as antioxidant, sedative calming, antimicrobial and anti-depressive. As a result, it is very useful for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. In fact, Lavender flowers were popular with Egyptians for perfumes and for mummy. King Tut’s tomb had proof of lavender usage.

Aromatherapy of all time advocates antibacterial usage of oil. Leaves and stems of the lavender plant were used to treat stomach related diseases and joint or muscle pain. Even the Bible has mention of lavender essential oil for healing and sanctifying. In Roman culture, oil was important aid for bathing, cooking and for freshening of air.

Today, we can advocate various uses of lavender oil in various forms as soaps, infusions, lotions, perfumes, in gels, aromatherapy oil.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil Relieves Stress, Tension, and Anxiety

Because of calming fragrance, Lavender oil is used for treating mental exhaustion, depression, restlessness.

  • Induces Sleep: Various studies show that lavender oil has property to ease your body. Hence, it can treat insomnia. It has a relaxing effect on the body. Therefore, nowadays lavender essential oil is used as a substitute for allopathy medicines.
  • Stimulates Blood Flow: Due to its refreshing aroma, it removes nervous tiredness and increases blood flow. Besides, it control heart rate fluctuations.

Lavender Essential Oil Relieves Pain

Lavender essential oil is a natural painkiller because of analgesic property. Therefore, apply Lavender oil on muscle or joint pain and it will relieve your pain. Lavender Essential Oil soothes muscles and joints. It can cure various kind of pains like sore and tense muscles, sprains, rheumatism, backache.

Hair Care

Lavender oil is useful for hair because of antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It shows a tremendous effect on lice and egg lice by reducing their growth. Furthermore, it treats hair loss too. Especially beneficial for alopecia patients in which hair baldness happens in the scalp. Various research articles show aromatherapy with lavender oil is beneficial for alopecia patients to gain hair growth. For best results apply lavender essential oil regularly into your scalp. Therefore, to prevent male baldness lavender essential oil is one of the best essential oil. You can mix a few drops of lavender oil in pH neutral shampoo.

Skin care

It treats various skin issues such as wrinkles, acne and other inflammatory conditions. Further more, it heals wounds, cuts , sunburns because it forms scar tissues.

Treats Acne

According to cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists, lavender essential oil is the best oil to apply on skin :

  • to treat acne.
  • to lighten acne spot.

Lavender essential oil inherits antifungal, antimicrobial and detoxifying properties. This helps to regulate over excretion of sebum and reduces symptoms of scarring after healing of acne. Application of lavender oil on skin can yield relief and can heal skin.

Treats Eczema

Eczema is a condition in which patches of skin become rough and have blisters. It causes bleeding and itching.  Apply lavender essential oil by blending it with lotion or moisturizer. Add Chamomile essential oil with lavender essential oil to treat eczema.

Treats Respiratory problems

Lavender essential oil has antibacterial qualities. Therefore, it can help to battle with respiratory problems. Respiratory problems include sinus congestion, asthma, cold, throat infection, flu, cough, bronchitis, etc.  Lavender essential oil is used either in the form of vapor or applying it to the skin of neck, chest, and back. Inhale lavender essential oil vapor for cold and cough. It helps in Loing up of phlegm and relieves from congestion by the stimulating nature of lavender oil. Thus, it speeds up recovery process and helps body to eliminate phlegm and other unwanted things.

Stomach Problems

Lavender essential oil stimulates the production of gastric juices and bile. Thus, it helps in treating indigestion, stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhea and other stomach related issues. Lavender oil increases mobility of food within the intestines.

Increases Blood Circulation

Various research studies reveal that using lavender oil effects circulation of coronary. Thus, Lavender essential oil :

  • Improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure and treats hypertension.
  • Increases oxygenation level and promotes muscle strength and health.
  • Makes skin bright.

Better Urine Flow

Lavender essential oil has stimulating effect. Thus, it helps to maintain urinary disorder. Furthermore, it restores hormonal balance and reduces urinary bladder inflammation ( cystitis ).  Besides this, it also reduces cramps due to these and other disorders.

Other uses of Lavender Essential Oil are :

  • Insect Repellent

Lavender Essential oil has bug repellent and anti-inflammatory property. Therefore, the smell of it can prevent irritating bites of mosquitoes, midges and moths. It can also reduce irritation and pain associated with bug bites. Hence, these days you can find lavender oil as one of ingredient in mosquito repellent.

Lavender essential oil can treat Leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea is a mucus discharged by the vagina.

  • Increases Immunity

If you apply Lavender oil on regular basis, it can increase body immunity. According to some research, the body can become more resistant to diseases like typhoid, tuberculosis, diphtheria, as a result of antibacterial and antiviral qualities of lavender oil.

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil ?

  • For Depression: Lavender oil can be applied on forehead, shoulders or chest to reduce anxiety and to balance emotions.
  • For Insomnia: It encourages sleep. Therefore, Lavender oil should be diffused at night to develop an environment to sleep.
  • For Skin condition: You can add Lavender oil in moisturizer or in spray water and can be sprinkled on face for refreshing skin.

Risks associated with Lavender Essential Oil

  1. Pregnant and Breastfeeding women should avoid using lavender oil and other essential oil.
  2. People suffering from diabetics should not use lavender oil.
  3. Sometimes it can work as hormonal disrupter too and can cause the development of breast in young boys.
  4. Some people having sensitive skin can have allergy-like skin irritation, itching, etc. Lavender oil can cause serious complications like blurred vision, burning eyes, vomiting, nausea, breathing problems, etc.

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