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Prepare for Winters: Natural remedies for Cold

Winter season is a delight for a child with so many options to eat and shorter classes. Especially eating roasted peanuts while sitting in a blanket with family. However, change in weather also brings common cold and cough along with it. Even though our mothers are always taking precautions with clothes and hot beverages, times are changing fast. Kids these days, can’t afford to lose a day. So we are listing some natural remedies for cold. Furthermore, these remedies are more effective even as prevention.

Simple Massage before sleep

This is no secret that oil massage with essential oils is one of the effective natural remedies for cold. Simply massage chest and throat region before sleep with oils like Sesame will help in smooth breathing during sleep. You can also use our special winter blend with various essential oils for same. 

Basic Hygiene

Even though, you should always take special care of personal hygiene, it is of utmost importance during winters. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and keep clean handkerchief with you.

Essential Oils in Lifestyle

Many essential oils like Thyme, Black Pepper etc improves the immunity. They help body to fight symptoms of cold and flu. Just couple of drops of these oils in your bath water can do wonders by boosting your immunity against cold.

Stay active

During cold season, you need to stay active. Just few mins brisk walk will help your body to generate heat and keep your healthy. Simple reminders to take a break, once in a while to stand up and stretch can be very beneficial.

Drink and Eat well

This is a cheat season. You can really enjoy delicious meals without gaining weight as your body is burning more calories now. However, you must still keep check on your calorie input. Furthermore, make sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

So above are the best tips to stay fit and enjoy this winter season. Make sure to check out our special blend oil for winters. Just massage a couple of drops daily and your children will enjoy full winter without wasting a day to flu.

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