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How to be Happy an Healthy Over 40 Using Essential Oils

40s are tough for every woman. I mean, on one hand, your body is changing. Then your kids are now teenagers who require constant attention and energy. Above all, work is more demanding. Don’t you sometimes feel that 24 hours are too less for a day? Let me tell you a trick to do all this and also be healthy and happy. The trick is to incorporate essential oils in your daily routine. I am sure, you know about them already but maybe you are wondering if they are effective? YES, they are super effective.

Take it from me and my family, if you are not using Essential oils, then you are missing out a lot. They are a wonderful gift from nature to us. I recommend it for all ages. Though, today I want to share the benefits of essential oils for women who want to be healthy over 40. There is little research about the same. In the initial phase of using essential oils, I was a little bit sceptical, but I can assure you, if you are looking for something 100% pure (beyond organic) that can help you to manage everyday life,  essential oils are meant for you.

I am using Droplet Care essential oils. They procure their oils directly from farms to maintain quality. These oils help me and my family in dealing with stress, cough and cold, stress, anxiety, and enhancing immunity. After using Droplet Care I can honestly say, “these oils are effective and legit”.

So let me tell you, how to be happy and healthy as a woman over 40. I incorporate essential oils in my daily routine. These oils are suitable for everything you daily need for personal care, and home care. The good part is that they are natural and free from harmful chemicals.

In addition, you must try them with a diffuser, which you should install in your living room. Just put a couple of drops of lavender oil or geranium oil to feel relax and balanced throughout the day. If you had a bad day, just rub 2-3 drops of peppermint oil with 1 tablespoon of any carrier oil on your neck and shoulder area to relax and forget your stress.

Routine for Healthy life over 40

Key to a happy and healthy life is to take care of yourself. That’s where these wonderful oils will help you. Here is a list my top four favorite routines with them:

  1. I enjoy a blissful sleep with two drops of Lavender oil on my pillow every night. I also apply a couple of drops of cedarwood oil at bottoms of feet during bedtime and sleep like a baby.
  2. Add a few drops of Lemon or lemongrass essential oil in dishwasher soap and floor cleaner to have my house smell wonderful and free from microbes.
  3. I always carry winter blend oil during my commute and travels. They make sure that I never have any downtime due to cold or digestion issues.
  4. Last but not least, I mix lavender and peppermint essential oil in coconut oil for a massage every week. They are helpful in hormonal balancing. I don’t need to stress, how important is it for every woman above 40.

So these are my tips to you for a happy and healthy life as a woman over 40. Do check my other blog in this series, where I detail out how essential oils are useful in hormonal support. In the same series, I am also sharing my guide for using these oils in emotional support.

I encourage my readers to feel free to reach out to me if you have any question. What are you waiting for? Start your journey for a healthy and happy life now.

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