Turmeric essential oil or powder

Which is better Turmeric Essential Oil or powder? 8 points to consider

Everyone knows about the health benefits of Turmeric. In fact, there are companies who specialize and offer health products based on turmeric alone. So, how do we incorporate Turmeric in our life? Should use turmeric essential oil or powder? Well, there is no fixed answer. You need to judge and decide on basis of your application and requirement.

While we will talk in detail later in the article, below is 8 points table for quick readers. It contains differentiation based on properties and application. I encourage you to read on for more detail analysis.

Comparison table for Turmeric oil vs Turmeric powder

Turmeric Essential OilTurmeric Powder
Best for topical usesBest as spice in food
Low curcumin contentHigh curcumin content
Strong aromaAverage Aroma
Need bottle to carryEasy to carry
Uses in AromatherapyUses in food & herbs
Strong concentrationLower concentration
Less colour effect in dishesStrong colour in dishes
Volatile componentsStable components

Difference in Properties

First of all, both oil and powder inherent the magnificent properties of the turmeric plant. However, they differ in respective strength and potency. As Turmeric Essential Oil is more concentrated and volatile, it is more effective in the application even in smaller quantity. Therefore, this makes it an excellent product for topical applications like massage etc.

Whereas, turmeric powder is a popular spice in Asia. Furthermore, it is not just because of its taste, but it is also in wide use for colouring effect. Even though you can use essential oil for turmeric taste and smell, but it is best to use powder or fresh turmeric in your food if you desire signature turmeric colour in your cooking.

Medicinal properties of Turmeric Essential vs powder

Across the South Asian Subcontinent, turmeric powder is a popular herb due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. However, in oil form turmeric is more potent and easier to apply to the healing region. Even more, you can further mix this oil with different carrier oils and other essential oils to create highly effective blends. Like Droplet Pain Relief blend contains turmeric along with ginger essential oil for effective pain relief.

Ayurveda mentions turmeric as a medicinal herb for energy and support imbalance in ‘Kapha‘ body type. Various research groups have confirmed the healing and medicinal properties of turmeric. Similarly, Asian countries consider inhaling turmeric essential oil is highly effective for boosting memory, cognitive function, and improving concentration. Furthermore, there are many therapeutic benefits of turmeric oil.

Due to its strong antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, turmeric is useful as a disinfectant for minor scrapes, burns or cuts. In addition, it contains antioxidants which accelerate your healing process. Therefore, for this application, you can use powder as it is in diluted form and easy to handle. If you wish to use essential oil, you should first mix it with a carrier oil like coconut or castor oil.

Adding it your food

When it comes to culinary art, turmeric powder scores over essential oil. In powder form, you can enjoy both taste and signature yellow colour of turmeric. Whereas, in the case of oil you will not be able to enjoy the traditional taste and colour of turmeric. Though, the essential oil is gaining popularity in certain recipes, where chef needs a little flavour of turmeric, in most cases powder enjoys a monopoly in the culinary segment.

Which to keep at your home, Turmeric Essential oil or powder?

Turmeric is such a great medicinal herb that you should always keep it at your home. But, the question remains in which form you should keep it. I suggest that you should always keep a bottle on turmeric essential oil within reach at your home. You can use it to massage for relaxation at the end of your day or massage your kids to improve their immunity. It will also be very handy as an antiseptic for small wounds and cuts. Moreover, enjoy it’s energizing aroma by using it in diffuser once in a while.

At the same time, can’t insist enough on keeping turmeric powder in your kitchen. It is always tasty to add some to your curries and dishes when you need that extra color and taste. You can feel good knowing how healthy it is when your family enjoys food with turmeric.


So the choice between turmeric essential oil or powder actually depends on your need and application. Because, in whatever form you take turmeric, it will help you to boost your immunity and improve your health. Consequentially, Turmeric as a herb can actually support the body’s response in dealing with allergens.

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